Agencies Partner to Keep Riverdale Kids Warm

Wam winter coats were delivered last week to children in need at Riverdale Elementary and two other county schools.

Riverdale Elementary students were among the 260 kids to receive free winter coats as part of collaboration between the Sheriff’s Community Partnerships Section and the Prince George’s County Public Safety Assistance Program (PSAP.)

“Too many children spend the winter months without adequate clothing to keep them warm, but hopefully with this coat drive we’ve helped some of the students who needed it the most,” Col. Darrin Palmer, the chief assistant sheriff in Prince George’s County, said in a statement.

The coats were delivered to children in need last week by the Knights of Columbus, according to a statement from the Prince George’s County Sheriff's Office.

“This program was a success because of the assistance we received from the Knights of Columbus. There are lots of happy, warm kids coming to school today,” said PSAP coordinator Bill Mulligan in a statement.

Students at Mt. Rainer Elementary and Baden Elementary Schools also received free winter coats.  


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