Meeting Roundup: Cafritz Talks Continue, STEP-UP at 21 Percent

The University Park Town Council held its regular legislative session Monday night.

The University Park Town Council held its regular legislative meeting Monday night. Members received updates on the Cafrtiz development negotiations and the STEP-UP program and voted on term limit and compensation measures.

  • The council rejected a motion  by a 3-4 margin, but members voted to raise the ceiling from three terms to four. A similar motion to remove term limits for the council died due to lack of support.
  • Members also voted 6-1 for the town’s elected or appointed mayor as of the 2012 election. Council members will remain uncompensated.
  • A motion to move the election of all public officials to the same year failed due to lack of support.
  • Mayor John Tabori reported that negotiations on the  are moving quickly and that there have already been significant changes to the plan after two additional meetings with representatives of Cafritz and affected municipalities. The "committee" is scheduled to meet several more times before . Tabori invited one or two council members to attend any of these sessions, but the meetings are closed to the public.
  • The council approved Mayor Tabori’s request for the appointment of a town Tree Committee, with Len Carey (Ward 4) to serve as the council representative.
  • University Park Police Chief Michael Wynnyk informed council that two cars stolen around Thanksgiving had both been recovered. The police also responded to a breaking and entering call at a vacant residence, he said.
  • Wynnyk reported on the department’s role in  and informed the committee that a fourth individual had been taken into custody in connection with the alleged crimes.
  • The police department also purchased new body armor, and officers will begin training this week on e-citations.
  • Town attorney Suellen Ferguson informed the council that cable contract negotiations will begin in January and should take about two years to complete.
  • Chuck Wilson told the council that 21 percent of the town is now participating in the Small Town Energy Program for University Park (STEP-UP) and that there are 50 homes participating in a pilot composting program. Wilson also reported that there has been some movement on the solar project for the roof of University Park Elementary School.
  • STEP-UP will be hosting an event on Saturday, Jan. 28 to mark the one year anniversary of the program. Details will follow.
  • The council adopted its 2012 meeting schedule and approved meeting minutes from Oct. 28, Dec. 5, Dec. 8 and Dec. 13.
  • A motion to approve $300 in holiday compensation for each of the town’s employees was passed unanimously.
  • The council also approved several permits to remove or repair fences at various private residences.
  • The town’s auditors attended the meeting and reported that the FY2011 audit was substantially the same as the previous year’s audit.


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