School Board Challengers Snag Education Association Endorsement

The endorsements show the educators association's frustration with the current make up of the board.

The Howard County Education Association, which represents more than 5,000 teachers and school staff in the county, has endorsed three non-incumbents—Ann DeLacy, David Gertler and  for the county board of education.

“We need change on the Board of Education,” said HCEA President Paul Lemle in an interview. “These are by far the most educated, best prepared, ready-to-serve candidates.”

In a statement released by the HCEA, Lemle said, “The current members hold each other in contempt. This dichotomy is an inherent contradiction; the two states cannot coexist.”

The association, which is the exclusive representative of teachers in Howard County for collective bargaining, endorsed incumbents Janet Siddiqui, Ellen Flynn Giles and in 2008.

But Lemle said the HCEA chose not to endorse Siddiqui and Giles this year because of their votes in literature and reading classes at the middle school level, entering into the Race to the Top grant process that enhanced and extended standardized testing, and failing to make a "good faith effort" to raise consensus on the Board.

Lemle said Dyer voted the right way on those issues.

"We like Allen Dyer," said Lemle. "We think he's strong for educators, but he didn't receive the required support at our vote."

In order to receive an HCEA endorsement, candidates must receive support from 58 percent of HCEA representatives.

HCEA cited DeLacy’s experience, Gertler’s math and engineering background and Scott’s previous work in education as reasons for endorsing the candidates.

DeLacy serves on the Harper’s Choice Village Board and is co-chair of the Howard County Public School System Operating Budget Review Committee.

The statement cited Gertler’s three different master’s degrees in business administration, electrical engineering and applied mathematics.

HCEA also pointed to Scott’s teaching career. She has taught for 10 years at the Harrison Institute for Public Law at Georgetown and serves as a public health policy advisor for the governor and lieutenant governor.

All 14 candidates laid out their stances on a wide range of issues at a forum on March 5. Patch is working on an ongoing series of profiles of the BOE candidates; below are finished profiles.

Other recent endorsements:

The African American Coalition of Howard County announced its support for six candidates: Ann DeLacy, Jackie Scott, Ellen Flynn Giles, Janet Siddiqui, Corey Andrews and Olga Butler, according to Explore Howard.

Bill Woodcock, from local blog 53beersontap, endorsed Ellen Flynn Giles and Jackie Scott.

Columbia Association Board Member Tom Coale and editor of HoCo Rising wrote he wouldn't support Dyer, saying lawsuits filed by Dyer against the board regarding funds for transportation for non-public school students and copyright issues are preventing collaboration on the board.

Blogger Dennis Lane at Wordbones.com wrote that he was impressed by David Gertler and Olga Butler. He also supported Ellen Flynn Giles for re-election.

The BOE primary will take place on April 3, when voters will select seven candidates to move on to the general election on Nov. 6.

Andrew Metcalf March 22, 2012 at 06:29 PM
Jack, please try not to spam the board with comments, otherwise you will be banned. Also, as other commenters have asked, please try and provide links/ sources to prove your argument.
Jack March 22, 2012 at 06:42 PM
Agreed Andrew. There are years worth of research, resources and links compiled at Howardpubliced. The hcpss does not provide a place for public discussion or a resource for information beyond that which supports the system. Many parents have used places like Patch, Explorehoward and Howardpubliced to increase awareness. A ealth of information also exists at American M
Jack March 22, 2012 at 06:58 PM
A wealth of information exists at American Math Forum in New York, Frederickpubliced, Parents-Coalition of Montgomery county and various other parent organizations throughout the country. Simple searches such as remedial education which in Howard county may be more specific by searching Algebra/data analysys or Jerome Dances University of Md. The hcpss does not track our children's success rate in college, providing only a small glimpse such as Brown's statement HCC recieves 25% of their freshman from hcpss of which 50% need remedial ed in math. This does not address the large number of students who for various reasons transfer back to HCC or the number of students which need remedial ed in science, history and english. At one point HCC's website claimed 50% attendance from hcpss and a 50% need for remedial ed. The best I have been able to determine is a college graduation rate of about 35% for hcpss students is probably generous. For the hcpss to simply state 90% of our children go to college is completely inadaquate.
Will Markison March 23, 2012 at 07:21 PM
Jack is obviously bitter about something. It is too bad so many people have engaged this poor soul.
Jack March 23, 2012 at 09:47 PM
Having your child beaten by a teacher or strip searched to speak of but a few incidents would leave most parents with a bad taste. To have the hcpss tell you corporal punishment is legal may disturb a parent. To look beyond what has happened to my children and see children discriminated against and failed, other children abused, entire schools like Cradlerock abandoned for a generation and so much more. Go ahead and call me anything you like and I will just keep speaking the truth.


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