Report: Eliminated Maryland Sports Teams Reevaluated

Loh will ask the 22-member commission to submit a report on the eliminated teams, The Washington Post reports.

University of Maryland President Wallace D. Loh will reevaluate the seven varsity sports teams that were eliminated over the summer due to financial troubles in the athletics department, according to a Washington Post story.

Loh formed a 22-member commission to look at the viability of the teams. The commission will submit a report by June 20, 2013.

According to The Washington Post story:

The commission will review the athletic department’s finances and recommend which of sports should be reinstated, and on what timeline. Given the revenue anticipated from the Big Ten move, which becomes official on July 1, 2014, Loh asked the commission for a plan to ensure the department’s “financial health for at least the next two decades.”


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