UP Meeting Notes: Cafritz Oversight Committee Appointed, Landy Requests Design Change

At Monday night's regularly scheduled council meeting, the mayor and town council appointed members to several committees and discussed changes to the Landy property.


At University Park’s regularly scheduled council meeting Monday night, the mayor and town council discussed a proposal to build a military veterans’ memorial, as well as changes to the Landy property, and established a committee to oversee the Cafritz development. 

Below is a summary of key events: 

Mayor’s report

Mayor John Tabori updated the council on the street paving on Wells Parkway and Clagett Road and asked that the council consider additional funds of between $50,000 and $60,000 be allocated to finish the work and add new speed tables. 

He announced that storm debris cleanup and tree work from the should be finished by the end of the day Wednesday.

The mayor and council discussed the necessity of a meeting with attorney David Podolsky regarding the Cafritz development. Podolsky will be asked to attend the next regularly scheduled council meeting on Sept. 10.

Tabori said tree trunks left from storm-damaged trees might be made into sculptures, possibly of Jim Henson characters, at a potential cost of $1,000 per tree trunk. He asked council members to consider the idea. 

Town attorney’s report 

Town attorney Suellen Ferguson said a proposition from the Landy developers asking for architectural changes to put a parking garage underground instead of next to the buildings will require a planning board hearing.


The council unanimously approved a committee to closely oversee the progress of the Cafritz development. The committee includes council members Roy Alvarez, Len Carey, Michael Cron and Arlene Christiansen, who will serve as chair, as well as private resident Linda Verrill and one other resident who has not yet been appointed. 

The council unanimously approved the appointment of Roy Alvarez and James Gekas to the inter-municipal committee on Wells Run.


The council unanimously approved the adoption of budget transfers from the last fiscal year, which ended in June. 

A member of the Historic Preservation Association proposed establishing a living memorial to military veterans of University Park. The mayor and council unanimously approved a motion to accept the proposal for consideration and to pass it on to the town’s committee on public facilities and services, as well as the tree committee.

A resolution, 12-R-04, to approve or disapprove a municipal collaboration financing application for a home rehabilitation for low or moderate income homeowners project was tabled until the Sept. 10 meeting. 


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