University Park, Riverdale Park Councils Set to Meet Monday Night

Tonight's agendas include the possible passage of several charter amendments in Riverdale Park.

It being the first Monday of the month, both the Riverdale Park and University Park councils are set to meet tonight.

Riverdale Park's legislative session begins at 8 p.m. at . Among the action items on tonight's agenda:

  • Approval of a permit request for a wood fence at 6107 43rd St.
  • Approval of carnival permit request from the Riverdale Park Volunteer Fire Department.
  • Introduction of an ordinance amending parking permit regulations.
  • Approval of an emergency ordinance concerning dumpsters and storage receptacles on public property.
  • Introduction of a regular ordinance to the same effect.
  • Approval of a charter amendment concerning purchasing and procurement.
  • Approval of a charter amendment concerning the issuance of debt.
  • Approval of Mayor Vernon Archer's nominations to the Mixed-Use Town Center Committe.

For more information on many of these items, .

The University Park council's meeting, meanwhile, begins at 7:30 p.m. at . On tonight's agenda:

  • A permit application to build a 4' wood fence at 4304 Woodberry St.
  • A special report by Mayor John Tabori on the parameters and management of the town's budget process.
  • A proclamation recognizing April 27 as Arbor Day.
  • Reports from several council committees.

Draft minutes from the council's Feb. 27 meeting are available here.


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