University Park Receives Refunds From FEMA

As a part of FEMA's snow removal policy, University Park received some money to replenish its surplus, but the town could still receive more money.

As one of the hottest summers to date, it might seem refreshing to think about a snowstorm. But last winter's snowstorms were some of the hardest hitting this area has seen.

Towns like University Park spent days and thousands of dollars cleaning up and in order to regain some of the funds spent, University Park has requested refunds from the Federal Emergency Management Agency or FEMA, as a part of their snow removal assistance program.

Town Treasurer Daniel Baden said that based on guidelines from FEMA, the town is allowed to request nearly $58,000 to help foot a $90,000 snow removal bill, which includes the cost of labor.

"We put in three different requests in various amounts based on eligible costs," Baden said.

Although the town made three requests totalling nearly $58,000, none of their requests have been filled for the entire amount requested. The method FEMA uses to calculate cost is different than how the town does so. FEMA breaks down vehicle usage and hourly wages.

Two of the requests have been met for a total of $24,343, Baden said, but the town is still waiting to hear a response about a third request for a little more than $19,000.

Baden said the town used surplus funds to cover costs, so the funds received from FEMA would replenish the surplus.


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