University Park Re-elects Two Incumbents, Elects Two New Councilmen

Although voter turnout was low, voters who cast ballots did so confidently.

Eighty University Park residents cast ballots Tuesday in four uncontested council elections.

Those who voted re-elected two council members — Len Carey (Ward 4) and Tracey Toscano (Ward 5), and two newcomers — James Gekas (Ward 2) and Michael Cron (Ward 6).

Ward 2 had the highest turnout with 39 voters, followed by Ward 4 with 21 voters, Ward 5 with 11 voters and Ward 6 with nine voters.

Only one voter cast a ballot without actually voting for anyone.

Chief Election Judge Ed Lee said the town has an estimated 1,880 voters, based on the last election. So, approximately five percent of the eligible voting population actually voted.

At 10:30 a.m., only eight people had voted, barely anyone had come out to vote, but Stephanie Herold, an election judge, said it isn't an odd thing in town to have low turnout in an uncontested race.

"This town is pretty pragmatic," Herold said. "If they like someone, they are OK knowing they would win with one vote."

University Park, like Riverdale Park, has a race that is completely uncontested. It's unlike the city of Hyattsville where 10 people for five council seats and three people are running for mayor. Edmonston had a contested race for their mayoral seat but not for the council seat.

Gekas and Cron will have to jump into budget discussions and vote on it before it's enacted on July 1.

Read how the day played out at the polls.


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