University Park Mayor Lays Out Budget Timetable

Mayor John Tabori hopes to have council vote on budget by end of May.

Last night, University Park Mayor John Tabori laid out a tentative schedule for the town's upcoming annual budget deliberations which could see the Town Council vote on next year's budget as early as May.

First, the town council will review the first half of the current fiscal year's budget at a meeting on Feb. 25. 

Then, Tabori hopes to have a proposed budget submitted by March 31. The town council will then have two meetings in April to review and discuss the proposed budget. 

The first town council meeting of May would see the town's elected leaders vote on any budget modifications. 

Tabori hopes to then be able to have the budget voted on by the town council at the second town council meeting in May. 

Whether or not to raise the town property tax rate is one of the bigger questions surrounding the upcoming budget deliberations.

Tabori said that if the proposed budget calls for an increase in the town's property tax rate, then the town would have to hold a specific rate increase hearing potentially during the second meeting in May.

"I am very sensitive about raising the tax rate….we've been able to keep it at an absolute steady state for the last five years," said Tabori in an interview. "I live here, the tax rate affects me directly, so I am sensitive to it, and will continue to do so."


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