Riverdale Park Works to Finalize Cafritz Recommendations

The Town Council aims to complete its letter to the Prince George's County Planning Board by Nov. 28.

The Riverdale Park Town Council moved closer Monday to finalizing to the Prince George’s County Planning Board about the proposed .

Councilmembers reviewed two drafts of their letter to the board during a worksession: one that reflected the council’s edits  and a second version restructured and presented by Paul Mortensen, the town’s planning consultant.

Mortensen organized the recommended revisions to the Cafritz development plan into two categories. The first comprised revisions required for the plan to meet Mixed-Use Town Center (M-UTC) zoning standards, including , the incorporation of , and providing the to the site. 

The second category was revisions that were requested by the council but not required by M-UTC standards, such as , the use of structured parking, and fronting buildings onto trails or a road at the plan’s proposed park to create a safer environment.

Mortensen also added a recommendation that the Cafritz developers submit a historical survey to reflect some recent council and resident concerns. He also changed the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) recommendation from Neighborhood Development to New Construction, as he believes that the developer’s current plan may already meet these requirements.

Chip Reed, speaking on behalf of the Cafritz development team, told the council he would submit the team's specific comments on the recommendations by Tuesday, Nov. 22.

The council's goal is to have the letter of their recommendations completed by Nov. 28 for inclusion with the official Park and Planning report to the county planning board. If the council cannot get the letter completed by this date, they will still have the opportunity to submit their recommendations separately for review.

The council adjourned its worksession before moving into executive session to confer with the town attorney on legal matters. The council will meet again on Nov. 28 at 8 p.m. at the town hall for a special legislative session and a worksession.


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