Purple Line: 'Huge Cost for Little Benefit' or 'Large Economic Perch'?

Local residents offered their feedback last week on the planned light rail line.

"Huge cost for little benefit."

"The businesses that are around are all going to be gone."

"A large economic perch."

Those were just a few of the public reactions last week as the Prince George's County Planning Department held a hearing on the Purple Line light rail at .

Officials invited feedback from residents on the future of development around the 16-mile Purple Line, which would make one of its 21 stops in Riverdale Park.

In a questionnaire circulated at the meeting, residents expressed a full range of reactions, from supportive to deeply skeptical.

"I have huge reservations about this project, mainly the traffic disruption during the construction," wrote one resident. "Also seems like a great deal of loss of existing structures, including single family homes."

"I would use the Purple Line. I would use it whenever my car is getting fixed or use it to save gas when running low," said another.

"We need to make a way to have the people who are closest to the Purple Line still feel comfortable with the noise and the extra heat from the train," wrote a third.

For a complete rundown of comments, visit the planning department's website.


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