Pr. George's Headlines: Man Arrested in Fatal Shooting of Teen, Robbery Suspect Shoots Victim for Cellphone

Top stories this week in Prince George's County.

Among stories that received attention this week in Prince George's County were a teen allegedly shot over his cellphone, a man who was arrested in a fatal shooting of a teen in Lewisdale, and two construction workers seriously injured in a fall. Here are those articles and others.

Police Arrest Man in Fatal Shooting of 14-year-old in Lewisdale

The suspect in police custody was formally charged a day after the double shooting.

Teen Shot Resisting Cell Phone Robbery, Suspect Charged As Adult

Derrick Anthony Wills, 17, of NE Washington, is charged as an adult for allegedly shooting Prince George's teen who resisted giving up his cellphone.

Two Construction Workers Injured in Fall From Laurel-Area Building

Two workers suffered serious injuries Thursday when they took a fall at a Laurel-area construction site, fire officials said.

Two students from Benjamin Tasker Middle School were charged with robbery and theft under $500 last Friday after allegedly stealing an iPhone 4S from one of their classmates.

Upper Marlboro Youth Honor Pearl Harbor Heroes in Hawaii

Seventy-one years after the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor, youth from Upper Marlboro joined fellow members of the Young Marines in Hawaii, where they honored Pearl Harbor survivors and fallen heroes.

Hyattsville Seeks Eminent Domain Judgment to Build Parking Garage

Hamilton Street property owners say city is not offering fair market value for land to build new Arts District parking garage.

Riverdale Park Looks at Two Expansion Plans for Town Hall

The Riverdale Park council is considering two expansion options for town hall, according to a report in the Gazette. The first expansion would add about 2,240 square feet for a larger lobby and bigger assembly space. This would allow residents to hold events, according to the report.


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