Comptroller Releases List of Maryland's Top 50 Tax Evaders

Comptroller Peter Franchot released a list of the 25 businesses and 25 individuals who owe the state the most in back taxes.

By Adam Bednar

Comptroller Peter Franchot unveiled a list Monday of what he called the top 50 tax evaders in Maryland.

The list of 25 businesses and 25 individuals owe the state about $15 million in taxes, according to a news release.

"These are not people simply down on their luck and unable to pay, but individuals and business owners who knowingly thumb their noses at the vast majority of Maryland taxpayers who fulfill their legal obligations to the state," Franchot said in the news release.

The state publishes the list that is made up of the largest sum of back taxes on the state’s website for six months after repeated attempts to collect the debt.

Scroll through the lists included above. 


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