Sheriff's Office Arrests 51 Alleged Deadbeat Dads

The Prince George's County Sheriff's Office conducted a warrant sweep on Father's Day.

Prince George's County Sheriff's officers arrested 51 men Sunday on charges of failing to pay child support in what is being described as the most successful "Father's Day Warrant Sweep" since 2009.

The annual sweep was carried out in cooperation with the Child Support Enforcement Division and in partnership with Calvert and Charles county sheriff's offices and Maryland State Police. In all, officers closed 100 child supports related warrants and orders.

Officials said they had hoped to close as many as 286 warrants and locate suspects at 136 addresses. The men arrested owed more than $343,000 in child support.

“The collection of child support dollars is important to the well-being of families and children,” said Lt. Col. Regina Taylor, of the county's Sheriff's Office. “This was a very successful operation.”

The initiative first began three years ago, although the enforcement division has existed since 1983. 

“This is the highest total of arrests we’ve seen since we began the sweep in 2009,” said Lt. Joyce Bowers, of the sheriff's office.

Polly June 24, 2012 at 12:57 PM
Well I can tell you from personal experience not all deadbeat dads are not employed, they just don't want to pay. My childs father was in court frequently and then after a few of those "contempt hearings" he was remanded to the County Jail. Guess how long it took him to get current over $5K? Just a few hours.
plow boy July 04, 2012 at 06:26 AM
The United States is being ruled over by evil men and pigs! Our courts are out of control! Our congress is out of control! And our Federal government is operating outside the bounds of our Constitution! The U.S. Constitution no longer applies to the father, because domestic relation cases have made the Constitution void for men! Men have their movements, private life, money, conversations and contact with his children all subject to the control of a judge. Our republic is nothing more than a Communist nightmare for men! You're seeing the criminalization of fatherhood in America! When the government fears the people there is liberty. When the people fear the government there is TYRANNY and OPPRESSION! America is gone it's all over but the shooting!
Myra Pereira July 16, 2012 at 02:28 AM
Make it 52..... Catch Cesar Alfredo Arevalo from Edinburg, Texas.... He has sevral warrants out for his arrest ... DOB- 01-25-1973
Sherry lane July 25, 2012 at 01:07 AM
I am a mother of triplets in Michigan! I got divorced 5 years ago. My ex has been in jail many times he throws us a bone every now and than just to keep him out of jail. 2 years ago he was placed on probation from the Attonery general wow sounds good but since being placed on probation things have gotten worse! The officers tell the offender as long as they pay alittle they will be fine when they do the review! I am now remarried with 4 step kids and I see how a dad should be! It just sucks cause my kids sometimes go without! Their father no longer even takes them! He has a very busy business he just wants to hurt me! I can't even get help from the state! Please help me understand these kids are not my new husbands kids to care for! I takecare of them! They do have state insurance thank god for that! All I can say is our system sucks and never marry anyone who is self employed!!!!
archie williams December 03, 2012 at 05:52 AM
I think that some of these woman need to be evaluated. ive Ben in the system for 25-30 years and c.s. has f.d up my lufe . I cant see my kid. My kids dont know me and ive Ben in and out of prison cause i couldnt pay with my salary. i have Ben teying to comply but thats my porogative. chuld support had Ben takin all of my income tax money ,leaving me with a note that says "we have all your income tax money" hahaheehee.ive lost all respect for my self and my kids have too. we dont know who we are to each other and the mom is out still not doing watchn she suppose to do.i am tiered , i will die if working my fingers and bones to cope. i will die an early age and my kids still wont know me.


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