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New Years Resolutions

Improvement is great, but not at the cost of living life.

I was visiting with a friend on New Year's Day and we were talking about the idea of New Year’s resolutions. 

I’m not one to always follow through, for 12 months, on something I said I hoped to achieve in the year to come. But I also don’t think my life is necessarily worse off by not loosing the obligatory weight that I put on the year before or if I vowed to be more organized.

Granted, some of these things would make life a little easier perhaps. But my friend and I both said achieving ultimate organization or clean house status every day would be nice, especially for working moms who don’t have a lot of extra time.

But let’s face it. That just isn’t realistic.

Not that my house is in such bad shape that it’s unbearable, but I would love to not spend every few hours on the weekend when the baby is napping cleaning the house and doing all the other chores that piled up from a busy week of work and just getting dinner on the table. It would be nice to just read a book. Or take a nap myself!

And maybe when friends and family come over, there is a pile of laundry that needs to be folded sitting in the basket in the hallway. Maybe the pantry isn’t as organized as it should be. But those that are truly my friends and truly love me won’t see it.

They won’t mind because they’ll know when the laundry isn’t getting folded, it’s because I was spending time with my family instead, using every spare moment at work to get that work done so it didn’t have to follow me home or cause me to stay later than necessary.

So, this year, like always, I will resolve to manage my time better, try to exercise more and eat healthier. But I’ll do it all with my family in mind. If there is a day that the food I eat is junk and I choose to watch TV rather than organize the pantry, that’s ok.

The most important thing I’ll truly worry about is making sure the time I spend with my child is quality time. And if on the eve of 2013 my house isn’t any more organized that it was today, and if there is a new load of laundry waiting to be folded, hopefully it’s all just because I was living life with those I love.


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