Five Riverdale Families Need Temporary Housing

Councilman Raymond Rivas said five families from Park Tanglewood still need a place to live.

When damaging winds from June 29's derecho storm ripped the roof off a building in the apartment complex in Riverdale, the storm left families in 34 units without a place to live.

As of Tuesday, many of the families have found or have been place in temporary housing, but five families remain without a place to stay, according to Councilman Raymond Rivas, who also is the manager of Park Tanglewood.

Mayor Vernon Archer said that Riverdale officials, along with county social services employees, have been working on placing the families in temporary rentals until the apartment damage is repaired. Repairs to the building could take up to four months.

"The expectation is that they would pay rent," Archer said, hoping someone with an open room or rental could provide shelter to these displaced residents.

Power was restored completely to Riverdale Park residents by Friday, but one home remained without power, after a tree crashed through it.

"The county has been instrumental in getting some people into homes," Archer added, "but we're scrambling to get the others into homes."

Although the town is not coordinating a drive to help the families displaced by the storm, the has sent food to Park Tanglewood and has worked with the town's code enforcement office, to get food to those in need.

Residents can contact Rivas directly at rayray2448@comcast.net. or call if they can help with placing these residents into homes.


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