Bites Nearby: Alamo Restaurant

Riverdale Park's own Alamo Restaurant features authentic Mexican cuisine in a sit-down family atmosphere.

If you're craving Mexican food and live anywhere near Riverdale Park, you're best bet is to head over to one of the authentic eateries off Kenilworth Avenue, just south of East-West Highway.

If you're taking the kids along, you might want to try the , because they have large seating areas and quick service. It's tex-mex food, which is a little more kid-friendly, too.

They start you off with spicy salsa and complimentary freshly fried tortilla chips. Then you can order from their menu that offers traditional items like tacos and enchilladas but also a few dishes you may not come across often with seafood and mole de pavo or a rich spicy cocoa and fruit based sauce with turkey.

Prices are reasonable, too.

If you go, try the tacos al pastor (pork), empanadas and chimichangas.

Where: 5510 Kenilworth Avenue in Riverdale

Prices: $2.50 to $30.


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